Features of VoIP PBX Systems


If you are wondering whether VoIP and PBX systems will be right for your business, you should consider your needs and the features of the systems. Below is an overview of the features of the business phone systems.

User-specified Call Routing
With PBX systems, users can program the system with specific instructions to route certain calls to their mobile phones or their home number. This is something that greatly increases productivity and frees employees from being tied to their desks. Knowledge workers, especially those on the move, become more productive because of this feature.

Scalable Product for Migration to Greater Numbers
PBX phone systems can support over 400 employees. Moreover, they make it convenient for businesses to migrate to a higher system later on. If you are planning to increase staff strength in the future, then PBX product is certainly more apt for you.

IP Office
Some PBX phones have IP office feature. This is a great tool to communicate among your employees and with customers.

Increases Competitiveness of the Enterprise
PBX phones increase the possibilities of collaboration and hence the competitiveness of your enterprise. You will be able to reach customers much more efficiently than your competition.

Resiliency during Power Outages
In case of power outages, PBX systems will ensure that you can still communicate via the phone. This is because it has built-in resiliency of one branch office system taking over the communication functions of the other.

Free Conferencing Facility
Some PBX systems offer free conferencing facility supporting 60 or more people at a time. Other systems can also offer point-to-point video calls and recording of conferences, making them a great business tool. If your business needs you to hold a lot of teleconferences, you should definitely choose PBX phone systems.

Can Be Administered Centrally
PBX systems can be deployed at more than one location, yet be administered from a central office. This saves on an administrator’s salary and, therefore, saves on costs. The product also proactively looks for problems and solves them before they become a major issue. Again this reduces downtime.

Before buying a pbx phones system, you need to see which features your particular enterprise needs and then opt for the appropriate product. Go for cost effective solutions that will solve your business’s communication needs.

A good Sangoma IP PBX phone system will help your enterprise connect with its customers in more ways than one. If your enterprise is likely to grow into a bigger one with more employees, then getting a PBX phone system makes sense.

For more related information, please visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_telephone_system .


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